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Forum Rules

Forum rules and announcements from Admin/Mods.

Forum Rules

Postby FTP » Sat Apr 04, 2009 4:12 pm

Welcome to,

This website is designed to be a community resource for Canadian Wiccans and Pagans to facilitate and promote the growth of our communities. British Traditional Wicca, Eclectic Wicca, and Neo-Pagan traditions all bring their own unique and sacred traditions to exploring, understanding, celebrating, and living with the divine. It is in this same spirit that members are asked to conduct and self-regulate themselves in the forums. In general:

Respect Other Tradtions

Afford others the respect for their traditions and beliefs as you would expect for your own. Even where another's beliefs and practices may vary or be directly contrary to your own, remember that there are many paths to the divine.

Profanity or Offensive Content

Forum readers may be of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Keep language and content appropriate.

Illegal Activities

Illegal content is not permitted to be posted to or be linked from the forums.

Minimum Age

Use of these forums is limited to individuals of age 16 and above. For legal reasons, use of these forums is strictly prohibited to anyone under the age of 16.

Oathbound Material

Some traditions of Wicca pass on their traditions and practices under the oath that the recipient will teach that knowledge only to their own students and not disseminate it to the world at large. If you have taken an oath to preserve and protect traditions taught to you, or have come into the possession of such information through a person who has taken such an oath, these forums are not the place to post such materials.

Unsolicited Commercial Advertisements

Unsolicited commerical advertisements and other spam are not permitted. If you have a business directly related to Wicca, you may however include a tagline to your posts or a single posting to bring awareness of your business to the community.

Breech of Forum Rules

Breeches of forum rules will be resolved in the following matter:

  • A private message regarding the breech of forum rules and a request to post accordingly for first or minor violations.
  • Moderation of posts or account suspension for major or repeat violations.
  • Permanent account/IP ban for serious or repeat violations.
Posted Content

While is a forum open to the public, it is a privately owned property. As such, the right to remove/edit content or deny access is reserved.
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